The Jump Manual Training and the Usual Errors People Make

jump manual errors

There are many different exercises that are considered by basketball players to be beneficial for jumping higher. Many people think that if their program is varied enough they'll be able to achieve this goal.

Sure, doing an exercise routine that is diversified can be favorable for the improvement of your jump. But if you really want to get good results out of your vertical leap training then you need to go a step further and use more serious training approaches such as the jump manual training.

There's many reasons why you should do so, but the biggest one is to make sure you avoid the common errors and pitfalls I see jumpers make every day at the gym.

Here's a rundown of some of them...

Less Is More

The first common training mistake I see people make is when they execute an excessive amount of reps. And while doing a lot of repetitions is good for boosting your stamina, it actually stops you from becoming explosive. This is one of the physics of vertical jumping but from some reason many people don't seem to know about it.

I have to admit I'm guilty of doing this mistake myself, but after going through the Jump Manual and reading through some of the materials in it, I stopped doing it all together and it completely changed my ability to explode (for the better).


I'm planning on covering this topic more in depth on a later post but in the meantime, here's a good source that explains why this principle is so important at

If you would like to be much more productive with your workouts, it would be best to go with 8 powerful reps instead of hundreds of thousands of reps. This is one of the first things I realized after going through the jump manual. Jacob Hiller, the creator of the manual, basically sums it up well by saying: "concentrate on quality in your routines, not quantity".

The same principle goes for weight training too.

jump squat

Too much weight workouts often lead to injuries and fatigue. The joints are overused and then injuries happen. Consequently, your jump becomes weaker. Needless to say, your general performance will be affected because of the fatigue that you're experiencing. Thus extreme weight work is not helpful.


If performed at a moderate intensity and frequency, weight training can actually increase your vertical jump. It is bad to do excessive weight lifting and squats, this make you slow and sluggish. Instead, work on your speed by doing some plyometrics. Avoid excessive weight lifting to make sure that your jumping capacity will increase.

Provide The Right Nutrients to Your Body

Aside from doing too much exercising, most athletes also commonly make the mistake of neglecting the part of nutrition. It is important to eat a well-balanced diet in order to boost your body's performance. There are several things that our body needs to get on a day to day basis in order to function properly, these are:


A) Carbs - to be the main source of fuel for the body

B) Protein - to promote muscle buildup

C) A portion of Fats to stabilize our hormone function.

basketball nutrition

Take Breaks

Resting should also become a practice. Most athletes go for pick-up games as soon as they're done working out. It is essential to rest adequately after exercising to provide your tired body the chance to recover. Sufficient sleep will also help boost your vertical leap.

These practices may look very easy, but they play important roles in your success with the jump manual (source) and you'd be surprised at how many people overlook these things. This is the reason why you must take extra consideration with your jumping routine to have the results that you desire.






A Basic Overview on Enhancing the Jump Ability of Basketball Players


A basketball player needs to improve his performance to do well in the court. One of the most efficient ways to boost performance in the court is by means of vertical jump workout routines. Not all people are born with the capability to jump high. It's a good thing that a person's jumping capability can be enhanced considerably through various methods.

It's important to enhance your upper and lower body that's why you have to carry out strength workout. Exercises such as these will assist your lower extremities become lean and muscular, and it assists you jump faster and higher. On the other hand, your overall performance will slow down should you do too much strength workout.

Remember that higher jumps are accomplished with greater recruitment of muscles. That is why individuals who would like to improve their vertical leap are advised to carry out mobility drills. Having tight muscles is believed to be the main reason why jumping high for some individuals is difficult to do. With the help of mobility workout, you'll be able to enhance your flexibility and use your muscles appropriately without having unnecessary injuries.

Jump Higher through Coordination

It's the scar tissue that causes your muscles to get stiff, but you can prevent the scarring by doing a sufficient amount of soft tissue and mobility workouts. Attaining to have higher jump is achievable if there will be great muscle recruitment and enhanced coordination.


Improving strength and speed will not make any difference in your leaps if your core and your stabilizer muscles are weak. There will be more energy to support your legs when you would like to jump when you have enhanced your core and stabilized your muscles properly. Exercises that may help include plank varieties, balancing exercises, one-legged squats and sprinting especially.

All in all, there are nine variables which are believed to influence a vertical leap. With all these variables that should be covered, joining a vertical leap training program would help. This will surely help you in enhancing your skill to jump high. Most of the programs nowadays don't focus to all these variables. The truth is, there are some wherein other variables like nutrition, are disregarded. There's one program that's multifaceted and is able to cover all nine variables, and this is The Jump Manual. In addition, it has a systematic workout plan.






Why People Fail to Increase Their Vertical Jump?

OK guys, today I want to talk about why people fail to increase their vertical jump and why is this problem is so prominent? It's not so easy to answer this question in one post but I will try to give some of the reasons that I think are causing it.


Basically I think most people who train their vertical jump don't have an idea of how to do it correctly.

Most of them think that if they’ll just go out to the court and play basketball it will happen naturally. Well I've got news for you guys, you're not going to increase your vertical jump just by playing basketball, it's simply not going to happen. I am playing basketball my entire life, I’ve logged so many hours of pickup games and it didn't do anything to my jumping ability.


I won’t say doesn't help at all but as you get to a certain level or a certain threshold, playing basketball is simply not going to get you any further and you need to step up your training.


Another thing that causes people to fail is that even if they try to take their vertical jump training seriously they still have no idea how to do it correctly, they try to train by jumping over and over and over again and they think that with this method they will succeed. I admit I also did this mistake, what I would do is standing vertical leaps and running vertical leaps and it didn't do anything serious do my jump. I did gain a little bit from this method but it was nowhere near to getting me to dunk.

vertical jump fail

So what I did is I went to online and I started researching about jump programs and I came up with the Jump Manual. I didn't buy the Jump Manual from the beginning but first I signed up to the author, Jacob Hiller, newsletter and her shared in there how you should really increase your vertical.


Basically I’ve learned that the most important principle for increasing my jump is strength plus quickness equals explosion, this is the most important thing to remember guys! If there's anything you should take from here today it’s this principle. Basically that means that if you will get enough strength in your legs and you’ll get your legs fire up quickly, you will get the explosion you want and jump high enough in order to dunk. Simple, right?


Most people make the mistake of working on their jumping endurance and it’s very common to fall into this mistake.


So once I learned this principle I started taking my training according to this principle I did everything in order to strengthen my legs by basically doing strength training exercises such as squats, lunges, single leg squats, leg presses, calf raises etc… The other part which is the quickness part means basically doing plyometrics. Plyometrics are basically exercises that are designed to help you make your muscles fire up quickly. There are lots of exercises for plyometrics and I'm not going to get into it now because it’s a very big subject on its own but you can Google it if you want to understand it some more. I hope in future to do a post dedicated only to the subject of plyometrics.


So now that we’re past that we need to understand the whole picture in terms of what we need to do and how we need to do it.


jumping endurance
Training Your Jumping Endurance?

Everything I said until now is just one part of training but there’s also other aspects like form, stability, balance, stretching, injury prevention, nutrition (which is critical factor in determining our level of success btw) and other things as well.

So basically this is the reason I think most people fail to increase their vertical leap, I think this is the most crucial one because they fail to utilize a fully systemized approach to their training.


Do you think that if they just do what they read on Wikipedia or another article on the internet then they would do good?! I think it’s a lot more than that… there’s also the aspect of self discipline and motivation and the big thing you need to understand is that if you really want to reach a 35-40 inch vertical - you must conduct yourself in a certain way and adapt yourself a solid routine if you really want to get good results.

The reason I say it is because it’s simply not going to happen overnight and it is something that requires a lot of training and dedication and because of that people fail a lot, even if they know the right stuff they still fail because knowledge is not enough, you still gotta do it and execute it


That's where programs come into the picture, cause even if you don't want to train it doesn't matter you still gotta stick to it so that's what you do.


When I look at people like LeBron James and Blake Griffin, Nate Robinson etc… all of which have insane vertical jumps. I’ve studied their training patterns and no matter who I look upon I always see the same thing – in order to develop a superior work ethic they have programs, coaches, trainers and a huge staff who help and support them reaching their goals.


As you can see guys it’s not just the knowledge you have that determines if you will succeed or not, it’s having a system that enables you to really succeed and that keeps you on track is what determines eventually. People could be super smart and still they can jump high because they never took the right approach.


After realizing this I understood that I really needed a good system and something that will really make me “stick” to the program, therefore I chose Jacob Hillers Jump Manual and this was the decision that eventually led me to the massive success I had with reaching my 30 inch vertical jump goal.


I hope you now understand what it takes and even if you don't choose the Jump Manual you still gotta have a program or something that will keep you accountable and sticking to your goal because it's not easy to train 4-5 times a weak and it’s a very tough regiment.


So there you have it, I hope you have gained some insights with this post, now go and apply them and make the most out of your training.


P.S. If have the money you can always get yourself a jump trainer


jump trainer





Does Vertical Leaping Damage Your Knees?

derrick rose vertical leap

One of the assumptions that many people have about vertical jumping is that it damages the knees. This is quite a prevalent belief many people have, ranging from pro athletes to amateur. The question is why...why do people thing that the #1 factor that causes knee injuries is jumping?

To answer it is not so simple but nevertheless I will try to do that.

Whenever I debate with someone about this subject they always use famous players who have gone down the hill due to a series of injuries. One player that is very famous for that is Derrick Rose for his 40 inch vertical and amazing athleticism.

Derrick Rose 40 Inch Vertical

Derrick Rose is a classic example of an amazing player who's suffering heavily from injuries. When he started out in the NBA everybody saw the amazing talent he has and slowly he began making himself a name. Gradually Rose became the leader of the Bulls and the team started climbing back to its glory days.

People have started dreaming big with Derrick at hand and there was a notion he’s going to be the successor Michael Jordan.

Sadly this didn’t happen as Rose started suffering from injuries on a regular basis. It came to a climax on April 2012 as the Bulls were competing in the first round against the Philadelphia Sixers and Rose tore his ACL on his left knee as he tried to go to the basket.

His injury was devastating, it so severe that he couldn’t carry himself of the court on his own and he had to be carried with the help of other people.

Since that injury Rose’s career came to a halt, he had to go through a surgery and a long grueling rehab process that made him miss the entire 2012-2013 season, including the playoffs.

This saga of injuries kept on going even for the current 2013-2014 season as the long awaited return of Rose to the court was all we wanted to see.

Sadly just after 10 games into the season Rose injures his right knee and MRI scans show that he has a tear in the meniscus.

As a Bulls fan I was so sad to hear this when it happened, I really felt sorry for him and the team. He had the options to choose whether he wants to do a small surgery that can him quickly back on the court or go through the full surgery that will benefit him better for the long turn so he chose the second option. The price of this is that he’ll miss the entire season and this brings up the question, what is causing all these injuries Rose is having?

Does Rose’s vertical leap has some connection with his all his injuries?

To be continued in the next post…






Accomplish an extraordinary Vertical Leap through the Aid of The Jump Manual

jacob's jump manual

Expert and novice basketball athletes alike are enthusiastic about The Jump Manual. This is because it is said to be efficient in increasing one’s vertical leap. One of the most typical myths regarding vertical leaping is that you can jump high if you are tall, yet this is not always true (source: wikipedia). Low vertical jump is a challenge that is affecting numerous basketball players. With the help of this training course, you'll learn how to jump higher.


Learning What The Jump Manual is

Through the manual; you will know how to improve your speed and strength. With that, you will be able to achieve an amazing vertical leap. This downloadable eBook included systematic techniques for improving vertical leaps. In addition to that, you will also be getting printable workout directions, videos, and pictures. Expect your strength, stamina, and neurologic response to boost drastically once you complete The Jump Manual. Nevertheless, you need to follow the program religiously to have the desired results.


What Make this Efficient?

Several vertical leap improvement trainings were presented to the public before. Nevertheless, they typically fail to give trainees the result that they wanted as they just tackle one or two jumping variables. There are nine variables that affect vertical jump that’s why The Jump Manual makes use of a multi-faceted approach to ensure all variables are covered in the training. We all know that the foods consumed by athletes play a major role in providing them with energy. Nutrition is one important variable that any program must have. Conversely, most programs are only concentrating on form, balance, flexibility and stability. The good thing is, The Jump Manual is a program that also provides emphasis to nutrition as the minds behind this program is aware that appropriate nutrition is the key to quicker healing and more physical strength. If you are utilizing whey protein, then check the guidelines in the manual. Body builders will definitely find this manual beneficial since it includes the best diet plan to gain muscles.


What Results Can You Expect to see

Keep in mind that this is a manual not a mystical book. Hence, it cannot provide you with the results that you wanted immediately. Hard work and determination to learn are required to have the ideal effects. The Jump Manual is really efficient, but you won’t get anything out from it if you don’t have the dedication to accomplish your goal. If the methods are performed correctly, you will find considerable improvements after two weeks. The manual can help you jump as high as 40 to 44 inches, which is typically achieved after 12 weeks of constant training.



Definitely, you have some queries and concerns. There is no need to worry because you simply have to send an email if you have any concerns. Additionally, there is an online forum where trainees can talk to each other. If you check the forums, you will see several verifiable testimonials from people who benefited from The Jump Manual.
Famous people like Jacob Tucker and Jesse Parker have admitted to use this program as well (see on this page).


Jacob Hiller is the developer of The Jump Manual who spent more than ten years researching for efficient methods. if you feel that this manual is a scam... Well, there is a 60-day trial that you could get. if you wish to see some good testimonials Basketballworkouttips did one from a professional athlete standpoint. This will give you a chance to personally see if this manual is truly worth your time and money.



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